University Hospitals in Switzerland

Are you looking for a firstclass medical treatment and an excellent service? Then you are here at the right place! We cooperate with all the leading university hospitals in Switzerland (Bern, Basel, Geneva and Zurich) and know the respective strengths of our partners. Switzerland is known for its unique medical and academic excellence, competent and comprehensive care, modern infrastructure and organisational efficiency.

If you have any of these questions, the SWIXMED is your reliable partner:

» Which is the most suitable hospital?
» Who are the experts in my condition?
» How will I communicate with the hospital staff?
» When can I start the treatment and how long will it take?
» How much will my stay in Switzerland cost?

We work closely with the Swiss university hospitals and can thus guarantee the best possible service. To find out more about our collaboration with the University Hospitals, please click  here.





- Andrology

- In-vitro fertilization

- Cardiology

- Sleeping disorders

- Urulogy

- mammographia

- Pulmonology

- Eating disorders

- prostate

- Breast surgery

- Endocrinology

- Boderline

- renal tumor

- Infertility treatment

- Nephrology

- Depressions

- testicles

- Rheumatology

- Gastroenterology





- breast cancer

- Neonatology

- Medical checkup

- Foot surgery

- lung cancer

- Paediactrics

- Cardiological

- Hand surgery

- prostatic cancer

Paediatric surgery

- Oncological

- Visceral surgery

- tumour

- Angiological

- Chest surgery

- neoplasma

- Musculoscelet.

- Plastic surgery

- chemotherapy

- Sport surgery

- Trauma surgery

- Shoulder surgery